Monday, November 1, 2021

Cozumel Part 2

 Cozumel Palace
Quintana Roo
Cozumel, Mexico

Day two brought us beautiful weather.
We took in the sights by the pool.. well as the many cruise ships that go by.

We had lunch with one of the reps
who sell memberships to the Palace resorts.
These are just a few of the desserts offered.

Our day ended with yet another beautiful sunset
from our balcony.
What a view!

I eluded to the fact that this resort,
unbeknownst to us,
is a membership resort.
Not a 'timeshare' per se,
but more an investment in travel.
Since we had decided that RV travel is no longer
in our future,
this is the next best thing.
The Palace family has 10 resorts
in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic.
Since we both love travel, and the tropics,
we felt it was a good investment.
Our kids will be happy that they can come
to this part of paradise,
even after we're in another paradise :-)

Next post...a chocolate tour!


  1. Fantastic sunsets for sure. Looks like a beautiful place. How often can you travel with this membership?

  2. Wow. You will be doing some mighty fine traveling. From the looks of it it is a bit more luxurious than a campground.