Tuesday, October 5, 2021

A tour of the Elkhorn Slough

 Salinas, CA

Today is our friend Connie's birthday.
I suggested that a fun thing to do 
is to book a tour on an electric boat
that tours around the Elkhorn Slough.
This meanders 7 miles inland from Monterey Bay,
and is the largest tract of tidal salt marsh in California
outside of San Francisco bay.
It is home to a diverse population of migratory birds
and otters, harbor seals, and other wildlife.

We started out at 11 am in bright sunny skies.

The boat is electric, and so quiet!
No disturbing of the wildlife..

Connie & Greg sat comfortably behind us..

As we made our way out of the Moss Landing harbor,
we saw these Sea Lions sunning..

This guy looks especially comfy..

As we got closer to the slough,
we saw lots of Cormorants sunning,
waiting for fish..

Before long the otters were swimming by, so cute!

This momma had her pup on her chest..

..while this one was crunching on something..

The Brown Pelicans will be migrating south soon.
There were hundreds of them!

These harbor seals gave us a smile on our way out.

It was such a lovely day,
we all thoroughly enjoyed it!
If you're ever in the area,
for sure book Monterey Bay Eco Tours.
Highly recommend!


  1. I always get a kick out of the harbor seals sunning themselves, but boy do they stink! You'd think with all the swimming they'd smell better.

  2. I found myself smiling at the pictures of those sea otters.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful tour. I love that it is electric and quiet not disturbing any of the wildlife. Your pictures are wonderful the sacked out seal and the otters both made me laugh. Thanks!