Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Monthly update

 Salinas, CA

Seems like the months fly by anymore.
I can't believe fall is around the corner!

Since my last post at the end of July,
there have been a few things going on.

The birds have finally found their birdbath.
It's attracting all the babies that were born this spring.
They enjoy the bath!

Our friends Connie & Greg took a drive with us
up north for a playdate (as we call them).

I flew back to Philadelphia to visit my son Austin.
Recently he has decided to transition to a female,
now going by Sarah.
It's been heartbreaking for me,
but as my child I want only happiness for her.
We rode the subway several times, 
walked around the city in 98 degree heat!

She has set up an extensive music studio
in the basement of her cute row home.
Doing very good on the drums!

On our walk one day,
like a goof, I fell and scraped my knee,
elbow, and hand.
Nothing broken, 
but it's finally healing up almost 3 weeks later.

Last week George and I took Cooper
over to Carmel beach..

The weather was absolutely perfect,
most tourists have gone home,
so the beach was quiet.

Cooper wasn't too sure he liked 
either the water OR the sound of the waves.

After that adventure,
we walked up the hill into Carmel
and ate lunch at a great place
It's been a Carmel tradition for decades.
They have a great canine menu,
Cooper chose a grilled chicken breast :-)
No, he DID NOT eat on the table,
this was just for the picture :-)

Afterwards we popped in to Hahn winery's
Carmel tasting room for a couple tastes.
Cooper didn't have any :-)

As summer comes to an end we are grateful
for our family and friends.
The fires that are ravaging California are terrible,
but luckily we aren't in any of the areas affected.
We pray for people having to evacuate,
losing their homes and property.
We need the horrible rains that are in the east!