Saturday, July 31, 2021

Artichoke country

 Salinas, CA

One of the reasons we love it here in central coast CA
is the abundance of fresh produce.

Now that life has opened up a bit,
some of the produce festivals have begun again.
One I haven't attended since the 80's is the Artichoke Festival.

The nearby town of Castroville is the artichoke capital of the world.
The warm days and cool, foggy nights make it ideal for growing.
The festival has gotten so well attended,
that they moved it to the Monterey fairgrounds years ago.

George and I set off and paid our $10 each senior entrance fee.
We also paid $25 each fee for wine tasting..
more about that later.

As we walked around,
we saw the artichoke mascot walking around..

There was a lovely farmer's market
that had some great lettuce,
asparagus, artichokes (of course!),
and a lot of other local produce.

Since we've planted 2 artichoke plants,
we picked the brain of the local grower.
Ours did great this first year,
each giving us about 4 chokes.

We decided to go into the wine tasting building,
but alas, the wine wasn't very good.
What a waste of $50!
I didn't even take pictures.
None of the wineries pouring were from
the local appellation.
(Appellation is a geographical area primarily used to
identify where the grapes for a wine are grown)

After being disappointed in that building,
George walked around looking at the old cars
that were on display..

We did sit and eat our lunch,
which was all things artichoke.
I had an artichoke burrito,
while George had an artichoke sausage sandwich.
They were both delicious!

Towards the end of day we sat
and listened to a band that was playing.
They were awfully loud,
and not all that good :-)

It was fun to enjoy the festival again!

Thursday we got to enjoy going to Hahn
with our friends Greg & Connie again.
Greg has been recovering from open heart surgery,
and a terrible bout of sepsis that he got in the hospital.
We have spent some time with them in the last 3 months, 
but his mobility has been an issue.

They were so happy to get to Hahn again!

Our garden is doing fabulous!
George planted zucchini,
and we've been harvesting those a lot!
I found a great Keto bread recipe,
and it turned out great!

I've also planted some Dahlia bulbs,
my first try at them,
and they are doing wonderfully as well.

I love to arrange them with some of the roses
that are doing great as well.

Life is good here in California!


  1. $50 for wine tasting that was lousy? I think that was robbery without the masks! Of course with all the masks we've had to wear lately you can't tell the crooks from the good guys! :cD

  2. Love The walking artichoke. Although they are vegetables that I have almost never had so I can't imagine a whole festival about artichokes. So sorry about the wine that was an expensive bummer. Your flowers are beautiful. You guys have become real gardeners although I hope your zucchinis don't get as large as mine did. If I didn't keep picking them they would turn into baseball bats and they produced so well that more than two plants was too many.

  3. Bad wine, Bad band. Alas all the great produce and being together saved the say.