Monday, June 14, 2021

The month's activities

 Salinas, CA

Another month has gone by..
..last blog post in May,
we've been busy,
but writing the blog is getting to be
last on the list :-)

Here is what we've been doing..

In the middle of May,
our living room furniture finally came!
We had ordered a sectional and coffee table
from Ashley way back in January.
4 months later it was delivered.
So comfy!

Our downtown recently erected a sign
over 'Old Town'.
The city leaders are always trying to revitalize
the downtown area, as are most towns.
They've redone the area several times.
We decided to go down for the ribbon cutting ceremony,
just for something to do.
The sign is really nice!

Our yard is all in bloom.
The roses are looking beautiful..

..and George's artichokes are producing nicely.

We've made a couple trips to Hahn Winery,
the weather has been perfect!

Last week one of our neighbors
had a surprise birthday party
for their 24 year old son, Oscar.
They went all out!
There was a mariachi band,
and they were excellent!

Oscar as he came around the corner..
he was surprised!

They also had a mechanical bull,
which George had to try :-)
The food was great as well.

George and I are still on our diets.
My weight has stalled a bit,
but the doctor took me off my Type 2 
diabetes med as well as my blood pressure med.
George is off one of his blood pressure meds,
and may go off his statin soon too!
I'm still doing Keto,
and the results are great!
I made these Lemon "sugar" cookie sandwiches,
and they were a hit!

My son Adam and his wife Jen
came over last night for dinner.
We really enjoyed their company,
and had great conversation outside around
the fire pit.

They only live a couple miles away,
but are so busy working,
we don't see them enough!

George and I have a few plans in the works.
We're going to San Francisco in July for a long weekend,
and Cozumel in October for our 10th anniversary!
Stay tuned :-)


  1. I'm so glad you keep blogging so I'll know what's going on in your life. Love your new furniture. Looks great and oh so comfy. Good for George on the artichokes. I have never grown them. Not sure I could in Virginia. How nice to have your son so close. That's great about you both cutting down and going off your meds. I had heard that Keto's high fat content was more likely to cause heart problems.

  2. You two are living the good life. Roses looking good. I've never had the touch.

    When I was looking to buy an occasional chair for the living room I could not find one I liked in the 12 stores where I shopped. I was told I could have one custom made and it would be ready around the holiday's! So I took a chance and ordered one from Wayfair. Could not be more pleased.

  3. Ten years already??? Seems like just the other day you kids tied the knot! Congrats, sound like a great place to celebrate. :cD