Friday, April 30, 2021

The goings on...

 Salinas, CA

It's the end of April already,
my how time flies!

Things are getting back 'to normal' 
here in California.
George and I are fully vaccinated now,
and feeling wonderful.

We took this picture of ourselves
on Easter Sunday.
Dressing up feels great!

One day we went up to another winery,
sitting in the sun, having a taste or two.

One of our favorite things to do
is drive over to Monterey.
We decided to walk around Cannery Row,
have some lunch, 
and enjoy the sunshine.

Never tire of the ocean views!

George has gotten into making pizza dough.

His pizza turned out nice!

Our sunsets have been splendid!

The birds have figured out that the birdbath
is for them.
The penguin keeps guard :-)

I'm so happy the roses are coming in.
This is the second year, 
and the blooms are gorgeous!

We've joined the Monterey Bay Aquarium,
one of the best in the nation.
There will be limited tickets,
mask ordinance,
and only members for a limited time.
We're going on May 13,
check out the next blog!