Wednesday, March 31, 2021


 Salinas, CA

Spring has made its appearance in California.
I know it always feels like spring here :-)

We've planted some veggies and herbs in the garden...
tomatoes, green and hot peppers,
chives, parsley, cilantro, oregano..

...and in this box are brussel sprouts, red cabbage,
and another tomato plant as well as bell pepper.

The orange fencing is up because our neighbor's cat
keeps getting into the boxes..grrr.

The Easter decorations are up and looking festive!

Cooper and I are enjoying the warm weather in the
back yard.

I bought some new, better fitting clothes.
A few of you have asked about my 'diet'.
I am on a program called Virta
a medically supervised Keto program.
I know there is a lot of controversy 
about Keto dieting,
but I find it works for me.
So far my A1C has dropped from 7 to 5.9
after 33 weeks on the plan.
My total weight loss so far is 27.4#
Getting healthier!

George has been dieting as well.
He's using the My Fitness Pal app,
counting calories, and logging everything.
He has lost 26.2# as well,
and had bloodwork yesterday.
His doctor will be so surprised next week!

He also shaved his mustache off!

George is fully vaccinated now,
and I get my second on April 9th.
We both feel so much freer!
California is getting more open.
Our aquarium is opening (with masks)
on May 1st.
The tourists are coming back :-)


  1. I used My Fitness Pal a couple of years ago. It's time I get back on. You are looking great. I just realized this morning I never put up Easter decorations. Don't think I'll bother now. Yours look so nice.

  2. Gonna have to call you "Twiggy" in no time! :c)

  3. You guys look great and your delicious sounding vegetable garden will keep you healthy and happy. I do miss my garden and that organic produce right in the backyard.

  4. Glad you both are losing weight. It is so hard, but if you have a good program and mutual support, you can do it!