Saturday, February 20, 2021

Almost Spring

 Salinas, CA

We are so sorry  for the winter that everyone
seems to be suffering through.
Friends in Minnesota, Alabama, and Texas
suffering through sub freezing temps,
even sub ZERO temps!
Of course family in Pennsylvania suffering
through snowfall upon snowfall.
I don't like sharing our temps, 
but *ahem* I will.
Our average daily temps now are in the high 60's,
and soon it will creep up into the 70's.
It's nice in the sun,
and we're starting to see spring arrive.

We haven't been very busy since last blog post.
There were some rainy days keeping us in.
Valentine's Day was nice.
I smoked a tri-tip on our smoker,
decorated the table with hearts..

..and made a keto-friendly cake for us..

The AT&T golf match was in Monterey again.
It's an annual event,
one that we've been to many times.
The celebrities golf with the pros,
raising money for charity.
Unfortunately due to Covid there were no fans,
nor celebrities this year.
The Good Year blimp parks at the Salinas airport,
right down the street from us..

I even saw it heading over to Monterey during 
one of my walks in the neighborhood..

George, being 70 years old,
was able to get his Covid vaccine last week.
I'm down the list as I am 64 still.
It's looking like April before I get mine.
Things are letting up here in Monterey County,
but we're still in the Purple tier,
meaning no indoor dining, no attractions are open.
It's hurting this high tourist area for sure.

We hope everyone is healthy and getting warm!

On our health kick front..
George has lost almost 20#,
and I've lost 25#!
Most importantly my A1C has dropped
from 7.0 to 5.9!
I'm .2% away from healed from Type 2 diabetes!
I'm thrilled!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Santa Cruz

 Salinas, CA

True to our pact to get out of the house,
we took a drive up to Santa Cruz yesterday.
We've had a lot of rain here lately,
and now a stretch of 70's weather is glorious.

Santa Cruz is only about 45 minutes north, 
on the sparkling Pacific Ocean.
Of course there is the boardwalk..

but we were more interested in seeing
the ocean, surfers, and anything else.

We stopped by the lighthouse,
which is also the Santa Cruz surfing museum.

It is closed due to Covid, 
but we've seen it before anyway.

This is an area where a lot of surfers spend time
trying to catch a wave.

There weren't any big ones today,
but they were trying!

As always there were sea lions barking,
while enjoying the sun..

George got a shot of me enjoying the sun as well :-)

We had a nice surprise and met up
with our friends for lunch.
California is back to dining outside,
so we met up at the Crow's Nest.
It was a bit chilly,
but nice to sit out!

I turned 64 on the 29th as well.
One more year until Medicare, woohoo!