Saturday, January 2, 2021


 Salinas CA

Well, 2020 sure ended with a whimper.

George and I stayed up just past the ball 
dropping on the east coast, 9 pm.
We toasted with a great bottle of wine,
and kicked 2020 to the curb.

Our Christmas was quiet.
We picked up Chinese take out for Christmas eve,
right after we attended outdoor Christmas eve service.
Adam and Jen decided due to the California lockdown,
that it would be best to stay apart.
Jen works more with the public,
so I applauded their decision.
We did Facetime with them, so that made it better :-)

George did the same with his grandkids on Christmas morning,
getting a tour of all their presents :-)

Earlier in the week we had our friends over
to watch Trans Siberian Orchestra.
They had a live stream concert for $30.
It was great, and we all enjoyed it.

Both George and I have been changing our eating habits...again :-)
George is counting calories,
and I have been following a Keto lifestyle.
George has lost 12# so far,
starting his diet over a month ago or so.
I started in September, and am down 21#.
All my blood numbers are normal!

Neither of us make resolutions,
however we both decided it was time
to get out of the house more.
We'll be taking day trips for now,
exploring places that we've both seen before.
Once lockdown is eased up,
we may be taking some overnight trips.

Stay tuned :-)


  1. Lots of us will need to watch what we eat to get back to normal.
    The Experts not Politicians say it will get worse before it gets better.
    Wishing you both a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  2. I admire your will power. Maybe just maybe I will follow your lead. Well, once the cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and Christmas candy is gone from within my reach.

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss and the good blood numbers. No better way to start a new year than that.

  4. I feel bad for you with all the CA lockdowns. Hope you can really get out and find some nice places to see and even have a meal. 2020 really screwed up our lives. Hoping 2021 will see lots of improvement for everyone.

  5. Hi, my husband and I live here in Salinas, too. We like to go to Moss Landing. Sandholt Lot along the Old Salinas River. If you walk from Sandholt Lot to the channel entrance then back to the Lot and to the end of that walking trail to the Potrero Road bridge its about 2+ miles. Also, check out the tide schedule. Low tide gives you good bird viewing in Moss Landing. Take your binoculars!