Tuesday, November 17, 2020

October flew by, it's almost Thanksgiving

 Salinas, CA

This year is flying by despite being 
in some version of lockdown.
We can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving!

Last week we spent some time with
Greg & Connie.
We took a drive over to Carmel,
stopping at Earthbound Farms,
an organic farm stand and cafe
where my son Adam works now.

They have cool grounds there,
including this fountain.

A great sitting area with a firepit.

We all ended up in a place called the Barnyard,
a shopping and dining place.
The four of us ate outside at a place called 'From Scratch'.
Their food is great!

Halloween was different this year of course.
Our neighbor, who is a school teacher,
wanted to dress Cooper up as a sheep.
She was dressed as Little Bo Peep :-)
The costume didn't really work out,
and we think Cooper was mortified :-)

We sat outside with a bowl of candy for any kids
that might come by.
We used tongs to distribute the candy,
and made sure to wear our masks as well.

Our neighbors did the same..

Our weather is much the same,
and it was time to plant some fall veggies.
We've got red romaine, red cabbage,
brussel sprouts, and spinach.

I also got a few mums to put in my pots..

To top it off we hung a fall wreath that my Aunt Judy
made for us.
She's quite talented!

Thanksgiving will be fun this year.
We're going over to Adam & Jen's
since our favorite restaurant's buffet
will be closed.
We're looking forward to some family time!