Monday, October 12, 2020

Time is winding down

 Plains, PA

We've been pretty busy here in Pennsylvania!

George has been completing a 'daddy do' list
that Heather and John have been compiling.
Good thing he's good at figuring things out!

We've had a few game nights,
they have a lot of great ones!

We've gotten to visit with George's son Chris, 
daughter in law Jeanann,
and 3 granddaughters, Jillian, Jaelyn, and Carly.

I've been hanging out at Heather's.
She works from home,
so I keep the dogs quiet :-)

We also get some dog play time in their backyard.

George and I have driven around to see our
old stomping grounds.
One place is called Kirby Park.
It's a lovely park in Kingston, PA,
near where we used to live.
We figured Cooper would like to spend
some time chasing a ball where
no other dogs would get them :-)

We picked up Subway and found a place to sit and eat.
There's a great path around the lake to walk.
George took a rest on the bench,
while Cooper (behind the bench) was
checking out the hundreds of squirrels.

The colors are just starting to turn here.
It really hasn't been cold at all,
we've been in shorts most of the time.

Many fall leaves on the ground, however!

This is our last week here.
We're heading back on Saturday,
taking the same route and same hotels.
We're anxious to get back home!
We have cameras at home,
we've been keeping an eye on things,
and notice the grass is high!


  1. Wow it seems the time has flown by. How long were you in Pennsylvania? I know it must have been great for George to see his family again and they to see him.

  2. Was hoping you were taking a southern route home. Biscuit has been wanting to meet Cooper. He told me so.

  3. You certainly had a great visit in PA. But there really is no place like home, even if the grass is getting long. Hope George has enough energy to cut it after all the work he did on his "daddy do" list. What a guy! :cD