Saturday, October 24, 2020

Home again jiggity jig

 Salinas, CA

Our time finally came to an end in Pennsylvania.
Although our plans were to stay a few more days,
we all felt maybe it was time to go :-)

Cooper included...

George and I decided to make our way back
the same way we came out..
80 to 70 to 15 etc..

The fall colors were a bit brighter
as the temps were getting a bit colder.
Another reason to head west!

It was a little easier on our eyes heading west,
the sunrise in our rearview!

Utah never disappoints!

We really enjoy St. George,
and had found a dog friendly restaurant.
The weather is beautiful there,
at least in the fall!

Cooper enjoyed it too,
but wouldn't sit still for a picture!!

I started a healthier lifestyle (again!)
after my A1C got high after Mom's death.
Trying a medically supervised keto way of eating
has proven successful!
I've lost 15# to date (even on vacation!).
My blood glucose has dropped 30 points as well.
Trying to get off meds!

Life is the same here in California.
The fires around us are out for the most part.
Weather is mid 70's..
and it looks like a La Nina year..
which means not much rain. Drat!

Our county is still in maximum restrictions,
meaning no indoor dining, worship services.
Oh, but nail salons and hair salons are open!

Will it ever end???


  1. Glad you made the trip Safely.
    With this Social Distancing we are gaining instead of losing weight. That Keto seems to be working for you and your numbers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. As they say..... No place like home. When we are away only a few days we start to get itchy to get back home.

  3. Glad you had a safe and wonderful trip to see the family! Maybe a small class B is in your future for travel? Stay safe1

  4. It was wise of you to listen to Cooper when he said it was time to go home. Smart puppy indeed! :cD