Monday, September 28, 2020

Road Trip 2020 part 1

La Quinta Inn & Suites 
Blue Springs, MO

If you are my friend on Facebook, the cat's already out of the bag.
On Saturday, we took off from Salinas for a one month long road trip!

We haven't been to the east coast since October of 2017!
George and I discussed going back,
but with Covid and Cooper, we didn't want to fly.
So why not drive!? 
We figured out our route,
made reservations at La Quinta Inns,
and started making our list of things to take.
Oh how I miss having everything with us in the RV!

Saturday we got up early, loaded up the car,
and set sail east.

We bought Cooper a great little bed for the car.
It attaches to the console,
and there is a tether for his harness to attach to.

He's been a great traveler,
doesn't make a sound,
actually is quite comfortable as you can see :-)

We brought a bag full of his stuff, 
treats, toys, etc.
I even have a great little bottle with a cup on top
that he can drink out of.

It works great! Just squeeze the bottle, water comes into the cup,
and when he's finished the water will go back into the bottle.

Of course the back is loaded with suitcases, road food,
and a few other things to transport to our destination,
It's time for a visit!
George has 3 grandchildren to see,
and I miss seeing Heather and John.
Cooper will meet their two border collies
while we stay with them for a few weeks.

We don't want to take forever getting there,
so we planned out 5- 600 mile days.
Day one was California to St. George, Utah.

I never tire of the scenery going into Utah.

Of course these are through the windshield :-)

Sunday we drove from St. George to Denver.
The Aspen trees are in their glorious yellow colors..

We took I-70 and are so glad we did.
George never drove the RV through Colorado,
the grades were a little too much!

We couldn't get over how nice the colors were!
Vail was just the most gorgeous area,
I can see why so many people come here.

Soon we saw our first glimpse of the Rockies ahead..

Today we drove from Denver to Blue Springs, Missouri,
right outside of Kansas City.
We are making great time,
and will be in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

More to come!