Sunday, July 26, 2020

The going's on

Salinas, CA

We can't believe summer is half over,
not to mention the year!
George and I thought the pandemic would
make time drag on,
but in fact, it seems like the week ends
as soon as it begins.

We've kept busy part of the time,
going over to Monterey occasionally.
One day when restaurants started opening
for a 'safe distancing dine-in',
we went to a Mexican place on the water.
As usual the boats are so pretty..

Cooper is getting used to the pandemic as well :)

For Father's Day, I took George out to breakfast to the Black Bear Diner.
He was happy :)

One day I picked up my son Adam 
and we walked the trail along the water's edge.
Lover's Point was pretty empty of people.

Our backyard garden is growing like crazy!
Tomatoes are taking over, as well as cucumbers, no surprise.

George even pickled jalapenos today!

One project that we completed is seen below:
a friend of ours makes custom cabinets,
so we had him build us a wine cabinet.
It turned out so nice!

In addition, he made a fruit tray,
it is great for holding all our fruits and veggies,
right where we can grab them.

As you can see from our new header, 
we purchased a fire pit to warm up on cool Salinas nights.

Our church opened up with safe practices, 
then Governor Newsom shut us down again.
We've been worshiping via YouTube,
but next week they're talking about a service outside.
We'll see...

Until later..



  1. That's such a beautiful area. Nice garden.

  2. Ugh! All these openings and closing are getting old. Seems something changes every day and it's hard to keep up. At least you got out to a great meal on Father's Day. This can't last forever. :c)

  3. Wonderful pictures of each of you three. The point is beautiful. I want to be there every day. I can't imagine wanting a fire in my backyard there is a fire it seems 24 hours a day here with temperatures in the 90s.

  4. Are you sure that was a big enough breakfast for George????