Saturday, June 13, 2020

Time flies

Salinas, CA

It's been over a month since Mom's passing.
A lot has been accomplished including
all the paperwork to be filed,
accounts to be closed, etc.

Our church is starting to open back up
starting this Sunday for services.
Hopefully we'll be able to have a proper memorial service soon.

We've done a few things in this past month, including..

trading Mom's ten year old car in on this:

a Buick Envision SUV.
It will be nice for road trips :)

Cooper has been missing Mom too.
He goes into her room and
looks for her at times.
He's made friends with a neighbor dog.

Not so sure she's interested  :)

Mother's day weekend
we drove to Bakersfield and
visited with family.
We laughed and cried talking about Mom.

Restaurants are opening up here, 
with a few restrictions. 
We met up with Connie and Greg 
at a place in between us.

It was nice sitting outside and being social!

I'm still trying new recipes, 
some healthy, some, well..

Other than that we're doing great.
Staying healthy, keeping safe.