Friday, March 20, 2020

Sheltering in Place

Salinas, CA

Well, what a crazy few weeks it has been!

As everyone is in the same boat,
and the new buzz word is Coronavirus,
George and I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Where we live, in Monterey County, CA,
we've had reports of 4 confirmed cases of the virus.
Certainly not impressive numbers, but we
wonder how many are out there roaming around
that don't know they're contagious.
We're both glad that the governor has put forward
a 'shelter in place' order to keep
the masses from spreading the germs out there.

Our church stopped having services a few Sundays ago,
and since all of us are huggers,
we thought it was a good idea.
They are posting the services on Facebook which is cool.

The three (4!) of us are doing fine.
All of us are healthy.
We have plenty of food, supplies,
and things to read/watch/do.
The weather has been glorious,
so walks around the block have been numerous.

I've been cooking and baking,
and we're binge watching things on Netflix a lot.
Napping happens a lot!

Cooper got his grooming in before the state shut down,
but he gets annoyed if we don't give him treats
 when he wants one.

The restaurant that my son works for
has shut down, not even pickup/delivery :-(
He and Jen are laid off for now,
having some couple time.

Hopefully this will be all over soon,
and not go on for the months they're predicting.
All our 401k balances are tanking
and that scares me more than the virus!

Take care everyone,
our thoughts and prayers are with everyone!


  1. I think we're all afraid Laurel. I'm glad so far you and your loved ones are safe. And hope it stays that way for as long as this lasts.

  2. I am so with you on the 401(k). Our kids had told us to just our money, should have listened!

  3. We moved out of our 401k years ago to another type of investment by the recommendation of our financial advisor. Things didn't grow quite as fast but our $$$ is safe. Glad we have a good financial advisor.