Monday, February 17, 2020

Another month goes by

Salinas, CA

We've been busy as usual, 
fitting in some social time with friends.

On the 8th we went on a chocolate walk 
with a couple we friended at the RV park.
It was a lot of fun, walking the blocks
of oldtown Salinas and picking up chocolates
at the shops.

This shop had 'toasted' marshmallows over dark chocolate.
He used candles, it was interesting.

Two weeks after my birthday is Adam's.
He turned 35! 

Mom and I met he and Jen and Jen's parents,
Martha and Steve, in Carmel.

The food was delicious, and we got to try
a lot of things off the menu.
Jen works there so we got special treatment :-)

Saturday George and I took Cooper over to Monterey.
We had never taken him 'out in public' so to speak.
We walked out on Fisherman's wharf,
where Cooper loved all the smells and birds.

George lifted him up to see the sea lions.

We also found one of the dog friendly restaurants..

Cooper flirted with all the people sitting
next to us,
but finally calmed down while we
enjoyed a drink and an appetizer.
The server brought dog treats for him :-)

Earlier in the month I had another kidney stone, (my third!),
sending me to a visit to the ER.
They decided to admit me when the CT scan
showed it was a 5.5 and may require surgery.
Fortunately (?) they sent me home to pass it,
which it finally did the next evening.
No fun!!

Other than that, life is good!


  1. Never had a kidney stone. You've have enough for the both of us. Thank you.

    We love taking Biscuit places. He loves being petted and loved on by people we meet. I would bet Cooper enjoyed to attention too.

  2. Glad you passed that stone, much better than surgery. Almost sounds like you could start a rock garden around your new home! :cD

  3. Cooper is so darling. The kidney stone not so much but glad there was no surgery involved. Any kind of surgery can be dangerous.

  4. Toasted marsh mellows over dark chocolate sounds yummy. Hope you had a great chocolate walk with so many lovely people around. Happy to know that the kidney stones didn’t turn out to be dangerous. Cooper is just so cute and who would not want to flirt with him!!

  5. You have a wonderful social life and it is a nice read. Toasted marshmallows and dark chocolates are lip snacking and I got a chance to take a bite last week. Be careful with the stones. With diet you can curb recurrence.