Thursday, January 30, 2020

Another year older

Salinas, CA

We finally have a backyard!

We hired a terrific landscaper who
took my basic design,
and got it done in less than a week!

Things were a mess for awhile.
His crew put in the border for the flowerbeds,
then brought in some nice topsoil for the grass areas.

He had us buy all the plants,
then they planted them..

We bought a mandarin orange tree to
go along with my Mom's lemon tree.

Finally they brought the sod in and got it all rolled out..

The finished product!
Took some shots from the upstairs windows..

The landscaper put in two garden boxes
where we will plant some veggies when it gets warmer.

Mom bought us some patio furniture for my birthday.
It should be delivered any day now :)

Speaking of my birthday..
we had a nice celebration with Greg & Connie
at a great restaurant up in Morgan Hill.

They even surprised me with a yummy cake :-)

Getting older isn't so bad!


  1. You are going to love that backyard when you get your lawn furniture. I can't wait for nicer weather so I can spend time at my favorite place.... the front porch.

    We sold our rototiller as we know we won't have a large garden again. But, like you, I will plant a few veggies but in large pots. Len isn't ready to sell our tiller that connects to the tractor yet.

    And you aren't getting older ..... just better.

  2. Happy Birthday Laurie. Nice cake. Nice yard. Looks like a very nice life. A happy life must make getting a year older not so difficult.

  3. Your backyard looks nice, not much grass to mow. ;c)