Friday, December 6, 2019

Moved in and almost settled

Salinas, CA

After all the stressing out and preparation
of moving two households in together...
we are finally moved in!

Our kitchen is all set up,
with some new appliances and fun things.
I finally  have a Kitchen Aid mixer again,
no more trying to cook in an RV!

From the kitchen we can see into the great room 
where we can watch TV if we want while we cook.

Since we moved in right before Thanksgiving,
we went ahead and set up all of Mom's
nativity sets and Christmas decorations..

Cooper has been helping George get the garage organized.

Of course there are a lot of duplicate appliances,
so we had to store some in the garage.

Mom has her recliners set up in the great room.
She's very comfortable there,
whether watching TV or her favorite pastime,

We did decorate a bit for Christmas here and there. 

The whole ordeal is exhausting Cooper!

Today George installed a Nest Doorbell..
it lets us see who is at the door.
Pretty cool!

We're very happy with our new bedroom set.
George still needs to install the barn door
that will go in the opening between bedroom and bath.

No more doing laundry all day!
Mom had a nice washer and dryer,
now I can do all our laundry in a few hours :-)

We have a nice full bath and extra bedroom..

the extra bedroom is being used as storage for furniture not used yet.
Everyone is welcome to stay here, however!

This is a picture of the stairwell,
love the big window letting so much light in.
I have my Christmas tree quilt wall hanging there now.

This is the upstairs hall looking into the laundry room..

George's 'man-cave' with nice theater seating,
looking across to a nice big TV..

We're really happy with everything.
It's still a work in process,
George is installing ceiling fans in 3 rooms.
Our backyard is still dirt (mud!) until
it stops raining.
We have a cement contractor coming to pour a patio
in the next week or two.
Landscaping will be next.

Oh, and we have great news!
At the last minute, the RV sold!
Someone had called the RV park our last weekend
of working,
and was looking for a monthly spot.
She didn't have an RV, so I let her know
we had one for sale.
She ended up buying it sight unseen!
George and I did do a facetime call with her
so she could see it that way.
The truck and the RV are both staying at Yanks :-)
George's truck sold to a nice couple at the park.
We can go and visit them both if we get lonely, haha.

I hope to keep blogging as time goes by.
We still are social in between settling in.
Merry Christmas to all!


  1. looks lovely!!! Wish you many happy days in your new home:o))

  2. Very nice. Love your bedroom furniture. Isn't it nice to have a regular kitchen again? Making the bed is so much easier too!

  3. Best wishes to all of you as you settle in your new home. Merry Christmas!

  4. Every happiness to you all. A really wonderful thing for your mom. Merry Christmas in your very big present!😊

  5. Glad you will be able to help your Mom out while settling in your new home. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. When we went fulltime I "loaned" my Kitchen Aid to my older daughter. She bakes constantly. When we settled I asked her if she was using it much. Of course the answer was YES. Just did not have the heart to take it back.

    Love your porch. And it was so good talking to you a few days ago. I doubt we will ever get to Cali. And you probably won't get back to Bama. But I cherish our friendship. Wasn't fulltime RVing a great way to meet good people?

  7. Wow! George has a real man cave now instead of his old one in the truck. ;c)

    Glad everything has worked out for you, now enjoy all that space. One can really appreciate it after living in an RV!