Thursday, November 7, 2019

1 week until closing!!

Greenfield, CA

It's been a whirlwind of craziness in these last few weeks.
I'm just a tad bit stressed out!

Yesterday we had our walk-through of our 'almost'
completed house.
There was a cool sign that a few people signed for us.
It has a list of all the contractors that worked on the house.

We absolutely love the color scheme and landscaping.

I have been questioning the color we had chosen, Modern Gray,
for the interior paint color.
For some reason after they painted a few weeks ago,
it didn't look very gray at all.
Our minds were saying 'it must be gray', but still..
The supervisor called us Tuesday and said
that the painter had actually used the basic paint color,
Pacer White, instead of our upgraded gray color!

So today guess what is happening!?

Oh yes, lots of hours spent prepping
so they can repaint the whole inside of the house!
I'm sure glad someone else caught that in time!

It will all be over soon anyway.
In a few short weeks we'll be moved in 
and this will all be behind us!