Tuesday, September 24, 2019

50 days and counting!

Greenfield, CA

More progress!
The brown coat of stucco (1st coat) is on,
and today they were doing the texturing process.

Inside the tapers were doing their job
getting the drywall all taped..

Great room

Kitchen from great room

It's pretty cool to see so many differences from week to week.
Today Mom went with us to a Costco because
the Traeger company was demonstrating
their smoker grills.
George has been dreaming of getting one,
and they were on a great sale.
Mom picked it up for him :)

Hopefully after we move in we'll have time to smoke a
Thanksgiving turkey!!


  1. So exciting. A wonderful time of the year to be moving in.

  2. Best to have professionals do the dry wall. Once ONLY ONCE Len did it. Never again. He can do a lot. Not that.

    Nice grill and even nicer George will be doing the cooking.

  3. Once the drywall goes up, it really starts to look like a home. How exciting! George will love his new smoker.

  4. Gonna be 50 of the longest days of your life. But worth the wait! :c)