Tuesday, September 24, 2019

50 days and counting!

Greenfield, CA

More progress!
The brown coat of stucco (1st coat) is on,
and today they were doing the texturing process.

Inside the tapers were doing their job
getting the drywall all taped..

Great room

Kitchen from great room

It's pretty cool to see so many differences from week to week.
Today Mom went with us to a Costco because
the Traeger company was demonstrating
their smoker grills.
George has been dreaming of getting one,
and they were on a great sale.
Mom picked it up for him :)

Hopefully after we move in we'll have time to smoke a
Thanksgiving turkey!!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Week 12 update

Greenfield, CA

We're starting to see a lot of progress now.
Only 2 months and 2 days until closing!!
They started laying the roof down
on the second story.

The sand has been delivered for the outside stucco..

..as well as the scaffolding for all that stucco work.

The electrical inspection was done on Tuesday,
and insulation and drywall should be started this week as well.

I've been working on a free app
to design our backyard landscaping.
I've come up with a rough workup of
a nice patio, some grass, flower beds,
and garden boxes.

We had some fun with Connie & Greg this week.
It was time to pick up our wine at Hahn,
and ran into the falconer.

She was there to talk to everyone about
the way the falcons chase off other predators.
It's almost harvest time!

We have our truck sold to a couple in the park.
The transaction will happen right before we leave the park.
Had some interest in the RV, but no sale yet.

Time will tell!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Week 11!

Greenfield, CA

There's a lot of progress at the house!
The electric wiring is all in place,
and we did our pre-drywall inspection on Tuesday.
We are made to wear hard hats anytime we go in.
George kept our gate guarding hats,
they come in handy!

This is the view into our master bath.
Since we are hanging a barn door in between
the bedroom and master bath,
the contractor beefed up the area where the track will hang.

Extra bathroom upstairs..

Dave, our construction manager is the best!
He says we can ask him questions anytime.

A view from the model home across the street.
There is a single story to our left, and another second story
to our right.

Poor Cooper hasn't had any blog time in awhile.
He's doing great, but hasn't seen the new house yet.
He'll have so much fun exploring it.

George and I have been checking off things to do.
We've gotten Xfinity wifi and cable,
and it comes with home security as well.

There are a lot of things on the to-do list,
but can't be done until closing.
It's still set for November 14th!