Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Week 9 update

Greenfield, CA

Less than 3 months to closing,
and everything is moving right along.

Getting ready to stucco the outside soon..

These houses come with fire sprinkler systems..

Tub surround is in for the extra bathroom upstairs..

We love seeing the progress from week to week.

George and I have discussed the logistics of the move
when it comes up in November.
We'll rent a van and load everything from the RV
into it, and move it up to the house.
Then Mom's mover will pack her up the following week,
and we'll get her moved in.

We've discussed our moving date with Yanks,
and the plan is to work the weekend after closing.

George and I also have offered to work at Yanks
after we pull the RV out if they need us.

RV still hasn't sold, we've lowered the price.
George has been in touch with an RV dealer in Gilroy,
we may consign it there if it doesn't sell before.

There is a great workamper job available here if you're looking!


  1. Such a big step to take. Still lots to do so take it easy.

  2. I took bunches of pictures of our house in every step of construction. They've come in handy a few times already fixing issues that have arisen about placement of water lines and a/c ducts. Not good to put a nail through a pipe while hanging a picture. :cO

  3. I bet you have it in your mind just where everything will be placed. We didn't have that flexibility in a Fifthwheel did we!