Thursday, July 25, 2019

Week 5 & 6

Greenfield, CA

Time has been moving quickly here in south Monterey county.

On July 14th, we celebrated George's 69th birthday!
My cousin Kelly and her family were in the area,
so we met them at a restaurant in Moss Landing,
Whole Enchilada.
Our favorite go-to place, Phil's, was too packed to eat there.

George and Mom

Kelly's son Cody and wife Kerri

Kelly and me

Kelly's daughter Chelsey, son Hudson, and Kelly's husband Gary
Chelsey's daughter Layla and husband Chad

We had a great time with them all!

Tuesday the girls went wine tasting and out to lunch..

There's more progress on the house.
The second story went up 2 weeks ago..

..and this week we saw the outside walls had gone up.

We love seeing the progress as they put more into it.
There is a single story house going up to the left,
and another two story to the right.

We've had a couple inquiries on the RV now.
Keep that in your prayers please,
it has to sell!


  1. You'll be in your new house in no time the way it is going up. Looks like a beauty! :c)

  2. Loving that you are getting the house of your dreams. Hating that you won't be parked in our yard again. Life moves on and changes, that is a constant. But keep blogging so we don't lose contact.

  3. Looks like they are really moving along! Hope your “current” house sells soon!

  4. How nice that your cousin and her family could join in celebrating George's birthday. The girls' outing looked especially fun. :-)