Thursday, July 11, 2019

Week 4 update

Greenfield, CA

Things are moving right along with the house.

Last week they started the framing of the first floor..

We went by on Tuesday and they had
started the sheeting on the first floor..

I'm sure by now they've started the second floor framing.

Yesterday was an exciting day.
Mom, George and I went to the design center
up in Hollister. 
We were there to pick out our tile, carpet, and paint colors,
as well as kitchen countertops, etc.
We met with Jessica, who couldn't have been nicer.

We went through every detail of the house,
including internal systems, lighting, cabinet colors,
too much to mention!
They have a great system online to pick everything,
and then go over it all with us in person.

We're going with a gray scheme (isn't everyone these days?)
These are our carpet, tile, and paint colors.
We'll have the first floor all in tile, 
with the exception of Mom's bedroom,
which will be the carpet.
Upstairs will be all carpet with the exception
of the bathrooms and laundry room.

Our cabinets will be the Nutmeg color, 
with chrome handles throughout.

The kitchen countertops will be 
White Ice quartz, and the backsplash 
will be subway tile in Gray gloss.

 We're so excited to have that all finished!

Afterwards we all went to Jardine's restaurant
in San Juan Bautista to celebrate!

We've been purchasing more items for the house,
including these pendant lights for over the island.

Lowe's was having a sale, so ceiling fans 
were purchased for the bedrooms
at a great price! $39.98 each!

Technology is great these days as well.
George found a camera online so we
could keep an eye on Cooper while we're gone.
He's graduated out of his crate, but still chooses to sleep there.

4 months to go until closing..
no bites on the RV yet, we've lowered the price a bit.

2017 Vilano


  1. Good luck on selling the RV! We hope it won't be as difficult as it was to sell our motorhome! We finally had to take it to a dealer and put it on consignment. Exciting for you to have a new home! congratulations!

  2. It's so fun to pick out all the colors and tiles and such to perfectly fit your styles. Think of how good it will be when all done. :c)

  3. True.... Gray is the IN color now. Just think ... if you were building in mid 70s it would be ORANGE. And with shag carpet.

  4. I love your color scheme. It's going to look great!