Saturday, May 25, 2019


Greenfield, CA

Holy smokes, in the almost 7 years of full time RVng,
I've never gone this long without catching up on the blog.

Last post was in April, but we've not been without fun things to do.

Later that month we drove to Paso Robles
for a Wine4Paws event with Connie & Greg.

A few weeks ago the 4 of us went to the museum of agriculture
and rural life in King City.
It was so interesting!

There were a few old produce trucks on display..

This one donated by our favorite winery :-)

They had some mock stores..

and some displays about the local farmers.

We really enjoyed it!

So on to the changes..
we're building a house!
We've decided to turn in the keys on full-time RVing.
(Yeah, right after we bought a new one 2 years ago!)

The decision was made for different reasons,
but mostly so we could have Mom move in with us.
We signed the contract last week.
This is our lot..

It is a Century home, 
a new development in Salinas.
It will be finished sometime in November,
so we have time to finish out our contract here at Yanks.
We'll be selling our truck and RV.

I'll be updating as building starts..
we're very excited for this new chapter!