Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Beautiful mountains

Greenfield, CA

It's definitely winter here in central coast California.
We've been getting a lot of rain,
which is greening up the hills quite nicely.

The skies are never without a rainbow!

Sunday we had a Super Bowl party,
which was a huge success.

There were a lot of people there,
and good food as well.

The game was a 'ho-hummer',
but we had a good time anyway.

Monday night the mountains nearby got
a nice covering of snow.

I see that Google is doing away with Google + comments and followers.
Hopefully they won't do away with the blog at some point!

Life is going well here in California!


  1. Maybe you can help. I am so non-techie. What is the Google + ? I got a notice so I must have it.

  2. Well Marti didn't think the Super Bowl was a ho hummer. She is from MA and is a Patriots fan. I had a hard time keeping her from hurting herself after the game was over because she was dancing around the house. :cD

  3. Oh my -- I'm so behind on your blog that I had to google who played in the Super Bowl. We watched it, but obviously it wasn't memorable.