Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It's 2019!

Greenfield, CA

It's 2019 already!?
Seems like yesterday we were worried about the Y2K thing.

Our Christmas came and went,
as well as New Year's Eve.

Christmas eve was spent worshiping at church with Mom,
then meeting Adam, Jen, and Austin for our traditional Chinese food.
Afterwards we met back at Mom's
where we visited a short while.

Adam & Jen had plans with friends on Christmas Day,
we were on call at the RV park,
and Austin came down and we watched home movies.

Austin and I got together for breakfast on Tuesday
before leaving for San Francisco.
All of this, and no pictures!

The Saturday before Christmas we traveled up to Morgan Hill,
to help celebrate Greg's birthday.
Their daughter Carrie was in town, with her dog Bella.
We took Cooper up so they could meet :-)
Bella is 14, and wanted nothing to do with young Cooper!

Cooper decided to play hard to get :-)

Bella finally let him giver her a little smooch!

We are hoping that 2019 is filled with love, peace, and joy!


  1. Happy New Year Laurie and George and Cooper!

  2. Wishing you a great 2019! Keep an eye on that Cooper, he's becoming quite a gigolo! :cD

  3. Gave me a chuckle. The Y2K comment. I think of that often.

  4. haha I know, we were just talking about Y2K ourselves. And almost 20 years ago.

    Happy happy new year!! Hope you guys have an awesome 2019!! Cooper is so cute!

  5. Y2K -- oh my gosh! I remember the endless meetings and memos we had about it. Was is it really 20 years ago???