Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday time

Greenfield, CA

Been a lot going on since I last posted.

On Veterans Day we had a flag raising
ceremony at the park.
We asked Lester, one of our monthly guests
to do the honors.

Thanksgiving found us sharing a meal
with Mom and Connie & Greg.
We went to the same place as last year,

The food was great and so was the service.
Adam & Jen had plans with her parents and brother,
but we will spend time together for Christmas.

The park is starting to look festive with decorations.
Jodi put a cute display by the dog park.. looks like Cooper, but our Cooper isn't sure
he likes his twin. :-)

George and I put up our little tree today as well.

Cooper loves his new Christmas sweater,
but not too sure about the hood :-)

He's happy looking at the doggies out the window.

We've been getting a good bit of rain here.
The fires that have been north of us are finally out.
There was smoke here for a week or so,
making everything pretty hazy.

Soon the hills will be green!


  1. That Cooper us SO cute. If I were to have a dog, I'd want one just like him. So nice to have family close by to spend the holidays with. We have to fly-ugg.

  2. Love Cooper's twin, really does look like him. Too funny!

    Nice to have a great Thanksgiving meal without having to cook (or clean dishes). I hope to try that one of these years. ;c)

  3. Good seeing you blog. It's been a while. Like you, I don't do it much anymore. Not traveling full time and who wants to know we knocked down another tree or mowed the grass!

  4. I'm glad you pointed out that Cooper has a twin. At first glance I thought it was actually him. Hahaha!!