Thursday, October 4, 2018

6 year recap

Greenfield, CA

It doesn't feel like we're beginning our 7th year of full timing.

October 1, 2012 we set sail from Pennsylvania
to see what we could see.

As we look behind at our 6th year on the road,
we wanted to recap some of the facts and figures.

Total miles towing this year:  4,354
Total miles driven this year:  12,139

As most everyone knows,
we've been sitting fairly stationary,
keeping an eye on Mom, and helping her
on our days off.

We've been workamping for site and pay at
Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield, CA.
George and I have been here working off and on 
since 9/30/16!

We haven't traveled extensively like we have in the past,
however in September last year
we took a two month 'vacation' across country.

For the past fiscal year we spent:

Fuel $3,383.78

Campground Fees $397.92

Most of the fuel cost was traveling from CA to PA and back,
as well as the campground fees.
Our normal diesel cost per month averages around $150.00.
We use my Mom's car occasionally, saving us some money.

Repairs to truck/RV $671.71*
*Includes oil change and new shocks for truck.

Cell phones/internet/TV $3,455.47

Groceries/Entertainment/Dining Out $11,336.42

Insurance -
Truck/RV $2,145.05
Health Insurance $3,119.46*

*Health Insurance
Includes my ACA insurance premiums,
George's Medicare supplemental,vision insurance,
and prescription plan and prescriptions.
Although my Blue Shield plan is an HMO that I can only use in Texas,
the doctor I see here has not charged me for any of my visits
 including lab work!!
She's my Mom's doctor as well, and George really likes her too.
God bless her!

We have other expenditures, but these are the major ones.

Our pay here at Yank's in addition to the free site
has enabled us to pay extra on our RV payment.
We still watch our budget, staying out of debt except for the RV.
I'll be turning 62 in January, and am planning on filing for SS.

We've had a great year, including a cruise to Alaska in August,
and my son Adam's wedding in August.

In February we got a new family member, Cooper.
He's now 9 months old, and is a joy!

George and I still love this lifestyle,
and we'll do what we can to continue!

Here's to the 7th year!!


  1. Happy RV Anniversary! Even though you have been staying near your mom, you have had so many wonderful adventures! Of course, nothing tops the addition of Cooper!

  2. I keep financial records but you REALLY keep records. Down to the penny? Impressed.

  3. Congratulations you two on everything - 6 years, Alaska, the new daughter in law. Life is good!

  4. Congrats on your 6 years, and best wishes for many many more! It is a good life!!