Wednesday, September 5, 2018

More fun


We've all but gotten back to a normal schedule after
the cruise and wedding.
There was one more outing before family went home.
My aunt Judy, uncle Don, cousin Kelly, husband Gary,
Mom, George and I all went to Phil's for dinner.
It was very nice to celebrate my aunt Judy's birthday.

We were happily surprised to see our favorite band was playing.

Afterwards we all went up to where Judy and Don 
were staying at the Holiday Inn Express.
Don had purchased a birthday cake for her :-)

It was sure nice to spend time with them!

Yesterday was so nice out. The wind is starting to die down.
Can you believe how big Cooper is getting?!
He's drinking water (with ice!) out of the little bowl
he used to use as a puppy!

George loves throwing the ball for him.

Cooper's favorite position
on the back of the recliner.

We have a couple things in store for the next month or so.
Can't wait!


  1. Great video of Cooper and George. One of them is getting a lot if exercise. Ha! I love that picture of you and Cooper. He's just darling - you too Laurie!

  2. Cooper sure knows how to share his love with you. Hope he doesn't get upset when you move away from the recliner! :cD

  3. Nice furry white hat you have there.

  4. Looks like Cooper loves his mommy! :-)