Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Trip to Alaska - Day 8 - Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm

Friday, August 17

If you ask me the favorite part of the cruise,
this day had to be the best.

We departed Petersburg around midnight on Thursday,
and arrived in the Tracy Arm Fjord the next morning.

All I can say is WOW!

The fjord has the most incredible shades of blue and green.

We carefully sailed through some icebergs,
some small as a car, some as big as a building!

George had a good vantage point too :-)

As we got closer, the north Sawyer glacier came into view.

Some of the icebergs had interesting shapes.
Looks like a whale :-)

The ice is so densely packed that it looks blue in color.
Just amazing!

These sea lions were just floating around.
They made me shiver.

The cruise lines had an incredible thing that morning.
At 10 am they served their 'world famous hot chocolate bar'.

They had a table filled with every kind of chocolate candy..
Whoppers, Butterfingers, Ghirardelli, Reese's. Oh My!
At the end of the bar was toasted marshmallows.
All of this goes into a cup with or without
the yummy hot chocolate on top.
They did suggest a second cup just for the candy :-)

There was all kinds of flavored Kahlua, Bailey's, bourbon,
and  Frangelico to put IN the chocolate.

It really hit the spot in the frigid air.

We had our pic taken..

..and took a picture of Tom and Cathy, our table mates..

This guy kept posing for me. 

While having our hot chocolate,
the captain, hotel manager, cruise director,
and two entertainers joined us.

We got closer and closer to this fabulous blue ice.

This one was 'calving' just as I shot the picture!

The cracks are incredible.

We sailed back through Tracy Arm all day,
getting into Juneau around 8:30 pm.
Our last dinner with everyone!

The head chef and his team came out for a bow.

We had our picture taken with our server, Joy, the head chef,
and our table mates Sue, Kenny, and David.

When we got back to our room that night,
this was on our bed :-)

Saturday morning we were up early,
eating our last breakfast.
Our shuttle to the airport was at 8:15,
but our flight wasn't until 1:20 pm.
Lots of waiting!

We finally flew home via Seattle.
The glaciers from the plane were amazing!


After landing, picking up Cooper,
dropping Mom off,
and getting home and to bed,
it was 2:30 am!
Sunday was 'catch up' day and laundry,
and Monday & Tuesday I worked.!!


  1. Glad y'all enjoyed your cruise. An Alaskan cruise is on our bucket list.

  2. The only bad thing about a cruise is they end way too soon! Glad you had a blast, now I bet you're planning the next cruise. They are addicting! :c)

  3. Great pictures having fun! Makes me want to take another cruise north:)

  4. Those sea otters amaze me. We saw so many laying on the ice. They must have a very special coat and system. Glad you got to have this great adventure.

  5. Wow Laurie -- what a great finale to a fantastic cruise! Such incredible views. . . and a hot chocolate bar -- yes please!

  6. Hi Owen family!! Your blog is pretty great. :) This is Joy. I was your server from the Alaskan Cruise... You gave me your card with your blog info. Imagine my delight when going through some of my stuff the other day and finding your business card.... I finished the cruise Job in November of last year.(2018) I was so thankful for all the wonderful people I got to meet. (Including yourself, your mom and your husband.) It never seem like work serving you guys. Honestly I always seem to get the good tables.:)… It's so good to see your smiling faces and to see you two living life. Keep being Amazing!!
    P.S. Please tell your family I said hello.