Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Trip to Alaska - Day 7 - Petersburg


Thursday, August 16

As we made our way to Petersburg,
George and I took advantage of the sun deck.

We couldn't believe our weather all week, just perfect!

There are very extreme tides in Alaska.
I guess this guy is out of luck to sail until high tide :-)

Our excursion today was a walking tour of
this lovely little town.
We walked up the dock,
and got on a shuttle that took us to the center of town.

This lovely lady was our tour guide.

 Petersburg, which is a town of around 2900 people,
was founded by a Norwegian pioneer.
He found the glacial ice a great way to pack fish.

There are some great murals around town.

Being 22% Norwegian, I loved it here!

The ship has a supply of wheelchairs for those who need.
George gladly pushed Mom on this walking tour.

We could see the ship from the top of the hill..

By the time we were through shopping,
the tide had dropped considerably!
This ramp was level before we left for the tour,
and now it's at a 45° angle!

We grabbed a couple of young, strong fisherman
to help get Mom's wheelchair down the ramp to the dock.

The ship had to send a launch over to pick us all up
because the gangplank would not allow us embarking the ship.

That ramp is the one we had to bring Mom down!

The view of the docks and  surrounding mountains
are just stunning!

Paul Dahl, this one's for you :-)

Tomorrow is the best day..Tracy Arm!


  1. Yep,the Coast Guard is on duty everywhere! :c)

  2. Love your header picture with the rainbow. We saw those extreme tides in Maine as well. Fishermen go in and out based on tides for sure. What a sweet town and how nice that they had wheelchairs. 22% Norwegian, now that's pretty specific. Guess I'd better find out what DNA program you used. I got Ancestry as a gift and it didn't give me anything like that. Didn't tell me anything at all really.

  3. What a lovely town. Especially love the sweet details on that house.