Monday, August 20, 2018

Trip to Alaska - Day 6 - Kake


Wednesday, August 15

Our view this morning..

We're part way to Kake from Glacier Bay at this point.
We admired the views as we sailed along..

Everything is so green!

The ship tucked into a little inlet,
where there were a few houses and boats.

He wanted to show us this beautiful waterfall..

After that, we made our way to Kake.

When we docked, I saw these guys cleaning their catch,
probably halibut..

Those of us who wished took a tour of the little town.
Kake has 557 residents, mostly fishermen.
We boarded a tour bus,
and had a great guide who talked about the Culture of Kake.

She had a great story about this Totem Pole..

But then we got to go see some native dancers..

These little people were so cute!

It was a very interesting tour,
such a proud people.

Once we were back onboard the ship, 
during cocktail hour,
we set sail for the next town of Petersburg.

All of a sudden, over the loudspeaker the captain announced
 'Off the starboard side a pod of Humpback whales are bubble net feeding'!
We could see a lot of spouts off in the distance.

We got a little bit closer we could see them slowly
diving and rising up.

Bubble net feeding is a complex feeding behavior by
Humpback whales.
A group of whales will circle a small school of fish,
then one whale will use his blowhole to release bubbles
underneath the school to confuse them.
Then the other whales do the same, creating a 'net'
of bubbles to keep the fish from escaping.
Then they dive and eat them :-)

They did this over and over again!
George and I ran back and forth as the ship
would spin around so we wouldn't miss a thing.
It finally got too dark to take decent pictures.

That was the coolest thing on the whole trip!

Tomorrow we dock in Petersburg.

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