Saturday, August 18, 2018

Trip to Alaska - Day 4 - Skagway


Monday, August 13

 Sunday night dinner,
which was excellent by the way,
George decided to 'have it his own way'.
He isn't a fan of seafood,
and the menu items weren't to his liking.
He ordered a pizza,
which they gladly brought out to him.

The head chef was thanked,
and came out to say hi ;-)

At that time, the Captain let us know that there 
was a storm blowing in, and wanted
to go ahead and set sail to Skagway early.

So, Monday morning we woke up to Skagway!

My view from the balcony..

Although it was windy, it wasn't that cold.

After eating a great breakfast, we headed off
for our first excursion.
We boarded a bus for a guided tour and history of Skagway.

We had a lovely guide, who had some
hilarious stories!

The town has a population of around 950 people,
most in the fishing or tourism industry.
Some of the buildings have been there hundreds of years.

Once we got the lay of the town,
we boarded another bus that took us
up the Klondike Highway, over into Canada,

We had a lovely train ride back to Skagway,
with some incredible views!

The railroad has quite the history,
which you can read from the link above.
Some of the drop offs are quite terrifying!

It was an incredible experience, and the scenery was breathtaking!
The next day, however was even better..


  1. Great pictures of the train, the views and the GULP drop offs. We were in Skagway and did some hiking there.

  2. Wow, that's a cool train ride. I loved that yellow bus you rode, I was thinking what a great RV conversion it would make! :c)

  3. I might have to shut my eyes around some of those drop-offs, but wow -- so beautiful!