Monday, August 13, 2018

Trip to Alaska - Day 1 - Juneau


The day had come..
our cruise to Alaska!!

Friday, August 10

Thursday afternoon we dropped Cooper off at Connie & Greg's.
We got a text showing Cooper settled in watching golf ;-)

Mom, George, and I settled in at the Doubletree Hilton
at the San Jose Airport.

Friday morning dawned early, and we got our flight to Juneau,
via San Jose to Seattle.
After hailing a cab to our hotel,
we got checked in for a one night stay.
The Prospector isn't the greatest,
but the cruise line puts you up to make sure 
everyone is there to board on time.

We had a nice view from our window..

George and I took a walk down by the water
and saw several cruise ships docked there.
We had seen this beauty from the window..

..but by the time we walked down, it had already left.

The Juneau wharf has been redone recently
and has several shops and restaurants.

As we were walking around, several float planes 
were coming in from sight seeing tours.

We found a place to have something to eat,
and loved this view of the mountain with the Alaska flag.

I will post more in the next few days.
We haven't had great cell service or internet
until a few hours ago when we pulled into Skagway.

Here's a little teaser: