Saturday, August 25, 2018

The rehearsal

Greenfield, CA

The weekend is finally here!
Yes, my oldest son Adam is getting married!
His fiancee, Jennifer's aunt graciously hosted
the rehearsal dinner.

I picked up the dishes from the rental place,
and we got the tables set up.
It was hectic, getting things 'just right',
and learning what food would be cooked
for the dinner.

Mom supervised from the comfort of a chair.

Jen and Adam came by to sort through some photos
for a photo table at the wedding.

Soon it was time to go to the venue to practice!

The wedding planner was there waiting, 
as well as Adam's best man Kollin.

They ran through a line of their vows..

..then they were married! (well pretend!)

Once the rehearsal was finished,
we all met back for the dinner.
Adam and Jen wanted to cook the dinner,
but we prepped everything earlier.

Jen's aunts and her Mother lined up for a pic.
Mary, Susan, Martha (Jen's Mom), and Janice.

Adam was in his element in the kitchen!

Austin flew in from Denver, it is so great to see them together!

Dinner was great, and ended with a sendoff..
sparklers in the backyard.

I'm so happy to be...