Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

We can't believe it's already 2018!
Time sure is flying by.

George and I spent time with family Christmas eve.
No pictures! I'm getting bad at remembering to take them :-(
After church services, we went out for Chinese food,
then over to Jen's parent's house where Adam made us all
Cremé Brulee, it was delicious!

We both worked Thursday and Friday,
but New Year's eve day
I took a ride down to see Mom,
go to church with her,
and help get some of her year end stuff done.

I was just getting ready to head home,
when I got a text from Yanks that a girlfriend of mine
was looking for me.
She had looked me up on Facebook, figured out where we were,
and called to get my phone number.
I called her, and we met at the local fast food place,
and sat and caught up on over 35 years!
She lives in the central valley now, 
but comes to this area every once in awhile.
We promised to get together again!

Last night George and I ordered pizza,
and watched all the New Year's eve festivities on TV.
When we saw the ball drop on our east coast feed at 9 pm,
we started dozing off ;-)

This morning I fixed omelettes, sausage, ham, and toast
for a couple that are regulars in the park.
There were Mimosas as well, yum!
We talked about full timing, 
and there may be a Vilano in their future!

Now that the holidays are over,
life will get back to normal.
There is finally some rain in the forecast here,
and we get to move back to our regular site
in the back of the park in a week.

Life is good!


  1. What fun to meet up with a friend you haven't seen in so long. Happy 2018 to you both!

  2. Wishing you both a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  3. I didn't even make it that late on New Years Eve. Guess old age is catching up to me... ;c)

  4. We also watched east coast celebrations and then went to bed. And we are only one hour behind. Fun people... aren't we.