Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Our routine

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

We are quite settled in back at our jobs here.
I'm in the office Friday - Monday 8 - 4,
and George works outside Friday - Sunday 8 - 4.
We both love it here!

Office work is pretty simple,
taking reservations (a lot are done online),
checking guests in,
taking payments from a few long term guests.
I do some minor cleaning of the office area,
and restock any gift or grocery items we have.

George cuts grass once a week,
does minor landscaping work, 
escorts guests to their sites,
and fills propane when needed.
Outside work is great in sunny 70° weather!

There are 4 full-time employees here.
2 guys do the landscaping and escorting when needed.
One lady cleans the facilities daily,
and another is in the office 5 days a week.
The couple who manages the park is wonderful.

Since I have to get up so early,
I get to see the nice sunrises from my window.

The other day there was a nice rainbow after
some steady rain the night before.

The park is all decked out in Christmas decorations,
including this tree in the clubhouse..
(thanks Norma!)

We finally get to get together with our friends
Greg and Connie tomorrow.
We'll be checking out the Monarch butterflies
now that they've migrated to Pacific Grove.
There are lots of whales in the Pacific too!


  1. Very interesting to hear about your schedules and work. Sounds nearly perfect. Monarchs and whales sound wonderful. Hope you see both.

  2. That's a win of a workamping job! Good for you, just don't enjoy it so much your wheels get stuck permanently... :cD