Saturday, November 18, 2017

Next stop 'home'!

Bakersfield River Run RV Park
Bakersfield, CA

Well, after almost 2 weeks of one night stops,
and a brief stay in Amarillo,
we are finally almost 'home'.

A bit of an update since my last post..

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers,
as my recheck mammogram and ultrasound showed nothing.
It felt good to leave Amarillo and not have to worry about that!

Before we got to our overnight in Kingman, AZ
I got an e-mail from a long-time blog follower.
They are in Bullhead City and asked to meet us
for a meal in Kingman.

Tebra and George are fellow Pennsylvanians
and are now fulltime since 2013.

It was great to finally meet them and hear
about all their travels.
I'm sure we'll keep in touch and see them again somewhere!

We had nice travel days this last week,
and I always love the desert scenery.

We are now in Bakersfield at our favorite RV park.
Our two night stay will able us to visit,
and rest up a bit!

We had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle last night.

Today we're getting the RV washed, it's got 2 months of
road dirt on it!

Tomorrow we will be back at our home base
at Yanks RV resort in Greenfield.
We've got plans for Thanksgiving with Mom,
Adam, and Jennifer.
We'll start back to work on Friday.

Can't wait to be back and stationary for awhile!


  1. Glad you made it 'home' safe. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and great family time over the winter.

  2. Glad to hear you got the "all clear" on the mammogram!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Really glad to hear about the mammogram. I know that's a relief. Two weeks of mostly one night stands sounds like something I'd have to rest up from for a long time. I can hardly make 3 nights of one night stands. Sounds like a wonderful family Thanksgiving. I'm sure George's family wishes you could have stayed.

  4. Nice that you're finally home, you need to let your tires cool off. Quite a trip you had. Thank goodness all is well with your mammogram, now you can enjoy your time at "home" with no worries!

  5. Great news on the health concerns. Yup, nice to settle a bit at a spot and work you really love.