Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall is in the air

Dallas Mobile Home & RV Park
Dallas, PA

The weather here in PA has been turning a bit cooler.
We've seen a lot of rain, first time for awhile!
Today is only supposed to be in the high 50's!
The colors are starting to pop.
We took a ride around Harvey's Lake,
and also Frances Slocum,
where we'd taken the Sea Eagle once upon a time..

It's nice to see some color, and feel the fall weather.

We've spent some time with Heather & John as well.
They're redoing their kitchen,
and George helped with a few things.

We met their two cute border collies,
Abby and Ace..

They love to play!
I sat and played with them in the yard to keep 
them occupied.

George had blood work this morning,
his check up is on Friday.

Today we're going to see the grand daughters!


  1. Here is hoping the cool weather heads south:))

  2. Love seeing the colors. So glad it is cooling off in the South too. Are Abby and Ace George's granddogs? :-))) They sure are cute.

  3. Hope you can find your warm clothes and jackets you had stashed away in your RV. Looks like you'll be needing them! ;c)