Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Back in Pennyslvania

Dallas Mobile Home & RV Park
Dallas, PA

After we left Alabama (a new state on our map!),
we headed north stopping overnight 
at Cave Country RV Park in Kentucky.

We definitely want to come back here someday.
The owner even asked us if we wanted to workamp!

Next on our trip was Cardinal Center Campground in Marengo, OH.
Interesting campground as there is a shooting range attached.
They do skeet, clay, and trap shooting.

There were only two sites left,
I forgot it was Columbus weekend!
We finally are seeing pops of color..

We needed one more overnight, but I was having problems
finding places that weren't full for the weekend,
or it was after season.

Green Acres Lake Park Resort in Lake Milton, OH
fit the bill for our last night.
It turns out the park is closed,
but they let us stay anyway.
She gave us the gate code,
and told us which site to pull in to.
They hadn't turned off the services yet.
We pretty much had the place to ourselves!

We also noticed a familiar site..
the dreaded stinkbug!

We saw a few at Phyllis & Len's house,
but the farther east we go,
the more we see.
They are terrible, and so hard to get rid of!

Now we're in Pennsylvania, staying at Dallas Mobile Home and RV Park.

We found this place two years ago when visiting.
There are only a few RV parks within
a drive of George's family here,
and most of them are seasonal.
This park is a typical mobile home park,
but when PA started fracking a few years ago,
they put a handful of RV sites here too.

We were surprised how full it is now,
we were lucky to get a site!
They charge $600/month which includes everything.
Our neighbor (close!) is a lineman supervisor for PP&L,
and has been here a year already.

Last night Heather & John (George's daughter and SIL)
came by for dinner.

It was so nice to see them again,
it's been two years!!
Heather and I had some wine,
talking about our 'guys'
as they were very interested in our conversation :-)

We have lots of plans in the month we're here.
Heather has a 'daddy-do' list for their house,
and George has granddaughters to see!


  1. Obviously that CG owner recognized real workamping talent when he met you! ;c)

  2. $600 isn't bad for an East Coast place. What is their daily rate?

  3. Grandkid time is SO much fun! Enjoy that month - it's going to go by really quickly. Ask me how I know!!

  4. Oh no Stink bugs. Yuck! We haven't seen them yet. Hope we can get out of here before they show up. Those folks in Ohio were mighty nice. Poor George - work camping and now daughter working. LOL!