Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A nice visit to an incredible place

Dallas Mobile Home & RV Park
Dallas, PA

 The colors here in Northeast PA are starting to peak.
Yesterday we went grocery shopping at Walmart,
and this is the view from the parking lot..

This is the view from our drive from our RV site into Wilkes Barre..

Yesterday I got a call from the gentleman who bought 
the company I worked for.
We've kept in touch through the years.
He recently sold part of the business,
and bought a horse farm not too far from where we're staying.

There's a Mohegan Sun casino and harness track about 
a half hour from here. It was in dire need
of new paddocks and training track.

It's in a beautiful setting on 78 acres.
Ken and his partner have built a beautiful
64 stall horse training facility that
sat idle for over 20 years.

Ken is even putting some elbow grease into it!

We're very impressed at how lovely this place is,
and state of the art stables for the horses
have made this a showplace.

Meanwhile George is out getting an oil change this morning.
I'm doing laundry and cleaning.

We have some more visiting to do while we're here as well!


  1. Nice that you're in your old home area in time to enjoy the fall leaves. Just make sure you get out of there before the snow! ;c)

  2. You did pick the perfect time to come for a visit. Fall is late this year but finally has shown up. Spring and fall are the best seasons from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. Wow that's a gorgeous horse barn.

  3. The farm looks like a great retirement place:)

  4. My family is from Keystone. Always love the fall colors when back home. I hope you both enjoy the home time.