Saturday, October 7, 2017

5 year recap

Cardinal Center RV Park
Marengo, OH

Our 5th anniversary slipped by as we've been busy!

October 1, 2012 we set sail from Pennsylvania
to see what we could see.

As we enter our 6th year on the road,
we wanted to recap some of the facts and figures.

Total miles towing this year:  2,644
Total miles driven this year:  6,331

This year we traveled in 6 states!

We workamped for the following:

Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield, CA

For the past fiscal year we spent:

Fuel $1526

Campground Fees $7161.25*
*Most of this was because we were not
workamping in CA initially.
Mom paid our site rent until we got a job there.

Repairs to truck/RV $2,766.21*
*mostly a new surge protector,
new battery for truck, water softener,
and other things for new RV,
and repairs to old RV

Cell phones/internet/TV $4,151.91

Groceries/Entertainment/Dining Out $9,083.15

Insurance -
Truck/RV $2084.35
Health $3,133.08

Medical Bills *
*One of the best years ever! Besides prescriptions and
minor things, we didn't go broke here!

We have other expenditures, but these are the major ones.

Fuel dropped substantially from last year,
both due to the price of diesel coming down,
and less miles driven.

Campground fees doubled (see above).
Our time spent in CA contributed to that,
but like I said above, my Mom helped out.
Our trip from CA to PA increased campsite fees too.

I was happy to see that our food spending decreased :-)

We've done really well keeping our costs down,
but we did buy a new RV in April.
That has put us in debt longer.

We continue to need to find paying jobs during the year,
and have had no problems getting paid for our time.
One more year and I can collect Social Security,
which will really help us out.

George and I still love this lifestyle,
and we'll do what we can to continue!

Here's to the 6th year!!


  1. Wow! Its been that long. I remember when you all started out. Congratulations! Best wishes on your next 5 years.

  2. Well done. The few medical expenses is the best part. Without health nothing is possible. Here's to another healthy happy 5 years!

  3. Nice report. As I've said, I loved keeping track of expenses while on the road. It became a habit.... still do it. You should be close to PA by now.

  4. And to think we knew you when. Looking forward to more of your adventures and maybe even a visit on the road! :c)