Thursday, September 21, 2017

Getting things accomplished

Amarillo Ranch RV Park
Amarillo, TX

We're getting a lot of things accomplished this week.

Since Obamacare came in to being and I'm not quite
the golden age of Medicare,
I have to get any annual checkups here in Texas.
Normally it's no big deal, we are usually somewhere
in Texas once a year.
Last year I picked a doctor in Amarillo as it was
more convenient to our route out to California.
I had a doctor in Livingston, but she bowed out of
the Blue Cross/Blue Shield market,
so I had to change.
But I digress...

Tuesday I had my annual checkup and blood work.
I'm waiting for all the results, but she was quite happy
that my 6 month blood work that I had in CA
 showed drops in all my numbers.
I got my first ever flu shot,
with instructions to get a pneumonia and shingles shot
at any pharmacy (as it would be less expensive).

Yesterday I did just that.
Walmart conveniently administers all those shots,
and my insurance has a $0 copay on all of them!
I'm good to go for another year!

George took the truck for an inspection,
only $7 and no big deal.
We thought we could get the RV inspected as well,
but since we just bought it in April,
it's not due for inspection until next April.
We'll get it done next time we pass through.
Again, no big deal.

We have another week here to get one more appointment in,
then we'll be heading off towards Mississippi 
and the Vanleigh service center.

In the meantime, we're enjoying not working!
George and I have seen most everything in Amarillo
there is to do,
but might be able to find something to do :-)


  1. My advice..... get out of Amarillo FAST. That is where our 2006 Ford 250 was having problems. We left Amarillo with a 2011 F350 King Ranch. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN.

  2. I can imagine how much you must be enjoying not working. That's real retirement. Glad to hear all the health indicators are A-OK. Enjoy your travels and be safe.

  3. A good lab report is just like a good report card all those years ago:)

  4. Nice to get all those chores taken care of in one stop. And to have good results makes it even better! :c)