Friday, July 21, 2017

The going's on

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Last post we were celebrating George's birthday.
I took him out for dinner that night,
here's a little bit about it.

We went to Luigi's restaurant,
a nice Italian place nearby.

We ordered a bottle of wine which was pretty good..

but I love the sentiment on the back..

The food was great, including an antipasto plate with
all kinds of yummy things on it!

Our friends Greg & Connie are finally back
from their month long vacation across country.

As soon as we could we high-tailed it up
to Morgan Hill to see them.

They have the same Vilano that we have,
and George is Greg's handyman :-)

Here George is installing a handle bar on their screen door..

Greg helps by holding a flashlight :-)

We're so glad they're back! 
We have a lot of catching up to do.

Back at Yanks we've been having some nice sunsets..

There are so many fires in California,
and although we haven't been affected by them,
it makes the sky a bit hazy at times.

I went up to see Mom yesterday and help out with things.
We went to lunch with Adam,
and started talking wedding plans.
They finally set a date of August 25, 2018!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Happy birthday George!

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

The other day while working in the office,
I got in a discussion with one of the other workers.
Seems her birthday is July 14 as well as George's!
We didn't work today, but Isabel did,
and since she has tomorrow off we celebrated today.

There was a cake ordered, and Jodi the manager
had pizza delivered for lunch.

Norma and I ordered the cake and told them
George with a 'G'.
Unfortunately George in Spanish is 'Jorge' ;-)
A little miscommunication in this mostly Mexican population.

We had some great pizza at the front desk..

We picked up the ice cream on our way back from Walmart,
where we had eye appointments.

As I get older my eyes seem to be getting better.
I've worn some sort of contact lenses for over 40 years,
and before that glasses since kindergarten!
Every year I have a step down in prescription,
so maybe someday I'll be 20/20 again. :-)

George's prescription changed a tiny bit also,
so he got new frames.

Both of us go back to work tomorrow.
Summer is flying by!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Long overdue post!

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Wow, I know my last post was on the 19th of June!
We're enjoying our job here, 
the time is flying by so fast.

I've been observing the life around the property here.
The farmers are harvesting the broccoli behind the park..

There are great views from our site..

George and I have been doing a few things,
driving up to see Mom.
We went out to lunch with my son Adam and Mom last week.

Yesterday George worked, filling in for an employee who
is out on vacation.
That gave me some time to drive up to see Mom,
and spend the day with her.
We drove over to Monterey to check out the ocean.

The otters were quite happy in the kelp..

We had a nice lunch at Schooner's,
and Mom is happy :-)

There was a sad event at the park here yesterday.
A man who is traveling alone hadn't been
seen outside his RV since he got here a week ago.
He was scheduled to leave Tuesday,
and yesterday George pounded on his door,
with no response.
The sheriff was called,
and unfortunately the man was found inside.
It looks like he passed away awhile ago,
I won't go into details :-(
Hopefully they can get in contact with family members.
I can't imagine no one wondering where he was?
We think he had a heart attack, he was only 63.
How sad...