Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wow, out of the blue..

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

As you can see, our address has changed.

On Tuesday we were 'asked to leave' the KOA
where we have been workamping since early March.

We loved working there when we first started.
The work we were thrown into was
a bit out of the ordinary,
as there was storm damage,
and an upcoming KOA inspection.

I worked in the office, learning the ancient KOA DOS system.
A few mistakes were made, but not life or death ones by any stretch.
When not in the office I was asked to do outside weeding,
painting, and anything else deemed necessary.
I helped the manager by organizing his office,
and updating his filing system, entering a myriad of information
onto Excel spreadsheets for him.

George started off by helping clean up storm damage,
fixing and organizing things around the property,
even rewiring some electrical things.
Once the inspection was over,
it was daily departing sites,
escorting guests to sites, etc.
More than occasionally George was pulled off of one project
to start working on another.

There was a lot of  'miscommunication' on both sides,
and a lot of this has caused us to feel more stress there
than was worth the pay & site.
The hiring on of 3 other workamper couples recently
made us wonder if we were really needed.

Most recently we've been feeling 'unwanted' in various ways
by the management couple there.
As it turns out, they are berated by the owners about everything,
which in turn causes them to berate others.
They say sh** rolls downhill, right? :-)
Apparently the management couple have given their notice
to leave there anyway.

Much to our surprise, we were called in yesterday morning
as we walked in to start our shift.
They took us to the back room and in a not-so-kind way
asked us to leave.
As you can understand both our jaws dropped!
When we asked what was going on,
they gave vague references to us
not finishing projects,
not doing our jobs,
all without any specific references.

Of course we were totally floored,
neither one of us saw it coming,
and we've had nothing but positive experiences
at every other job we've worked.

We packed up, turned in our yellow shirts and keys,
and got the heck out of there :-)
I wouldn't let them see me cry!

I immediately called the RV park where we were staying
from September to March, and was told we could stay
here for two weeks.
It's the busy season, so not sure we can get a monthly spot.

In the meantime we're doing some searching
for another workamping job.
Our plan is to find a summer job either
in Texas or maybe Pennsylvania.
I need to be in TX for annual doctor visits in September,
and we need to get to PA to see George's family!

We'd like to stop at the Vilano service center for a punch list
of things for them to address under warranty.
They are in Mississippi, so it could be on the way to PA.

Oh what a joy life can be!
We are keeping our chins up,
and I sure appreciate all the positive comments
about this situation on Facebook.

Love you all!


  1. I don't go on Facebook too much, so this is a complete surprise. So sorry to hear about this. I truly believe things happen for a reason, and you will end up in a better position. Sending positive vibes your way. It's the KOA's loss.

  2. Sorry to hear you were broad sided. Must have been a shock, but things will get better. You've never been anything but professional and deserve better. So it was time to move on!! I agree with is their loss!!

  3. I have never heard any good comments about KOAs. Knowing the type of jobs you have done, I know the problems are not with you. I am sure you will find something better. Something that will make you happy.

  4. That had to have been a horrible shock, but it sounds like you will be better off not having to put up with that stress. Nothing worse than working for horrible bosses. And if it's the owners that were the problem, it probably wouldn't have improved, even if the management couple is leaving. You will find something even better I'm sure!!! :)

  5. Having worked in management, you know that is not how good managers treat employees. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    We will be in Hershey, PA but too soon for us to catch up. From May 16 to 23. We will be back there for a few short days late July or early August. Maybe our paths will cross again. Remember, when driving on I65 in northern Alabama we had a full hook up site even we are not home. Just call me and I will give you instructions.

  6. Sorry to hear your news! I'm sure you will find something better! Who knows - maybe we will see you at Amazon?

  7. I don't do facebook so I'm totally shocked. Why in the world would they let an experienced couple go and instead hire on three new couples? Makes no sense to me and I know there isn't any chance you two weren't working as hard as you could. I've only stayed in a KOA once and vowed never again and for sure after this they won't ever get my business. You are better off out of it. Hope just what you want and need will show up for you.

  8. Sorry to hear this, y'all. Many KOA's seem to be mis-managed. A lot of them need modernization in a bad way and yet, they are often over priced. I don't know why that is. Hope you find something good real soon.

  9. Not finishing projects and doing your jobs??? What a joke, and anyone that knows you knows it!! Huge loss on their part!! I agree that everything happens for a reason. Something better is just waiting for you.

  10. Sorry to hear this. I know you and George will get better gig real soon, where you will be appreciated.

  11. You should write your experiences down and mail it to KOA headquarters. Saying that was a slap in the face. You don't want that job back but they are misusing all their employees.
    Keep your chins up.

    It's about time.

  12. Well, that's just absurd! We had somewhat similar experiences with 2 different KOAs. Totally their loss. Sounds like it's better that ya'll are out from such a stressful situation. Things happen for a reason and there's something just waiting for you out there!

  13. KOA Terre Haute Indiana...the owner actually grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me.... I should have kneed him in the nuts !!... Will never work at a KOA again...

  14. "The hiring on of 3 other workamper couples recently
    made us wonder if we were really needed."

    Looks like to me it took THREE couples to replace the two of you. Things have a way of working out.


  15. That is too bad. I have never been in a KOA yet that justifies the price they charge for their sites. And we only stay there as a last resort. No pun intended.

  16. Don't look back! Like everyone said, their loss. You don't need the stress and something much better is out there.

  17. Sounds like they were just using you to clean up and pass inspection. I don't know of anyone who likes KOA. The road leads to better things.

  18. If you decide to head east toward PA and need a place to land until you can construct a plan, check out volunteer,gov. The Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge in Seymour, IN ALWAYS needs a Visitor Center aide. Its not a bad place-just a boring job, because its not busy. The best part is its close to Nashville Indiana which gets the top award for most quaint,charming touristy town in the state. I'm sure they would jump at the chance to have intelligent, charming people like you, even for a very short commitment. Good luck, guys. And if you do come through Indiana, Diane & I live in Indianapolis. Come on over.

  19. This really stinks, but this KOA doesn't deserve to have good workers like you. I'm sure this will all work out for the best for you, something even better will open up for you.

    BTW, I was thinking of using some KOAs for our upcoming trip to CA this summer, now I'll make sure to use other campgrounds. KOA doesn't deserve any of our money!

  20. We have not been in a KOA in years because of the lack of focus on customer service. I cannot say I am surprised that they do not treat their employees any better than the customers. I am sure you will find a much better position soon!