Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day celebrations

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Sure amazing how fast the hills turn brown!
We had only been north of here a couple months,
and the rains stop, temps rise, and the results are dramatic.
This park doesn't seem any busier than before.

Mother's day was spent with a picnic,
and doing a bit of wine tasting.

George and I took Mom,
and we met up with Adam & Jennifer,
and Jennifer's mom & dad, and aunt & uncle.

We started out at Odonata winery,
where they were kind enough to put up tables
for us to have a picnic.
It was so windy, no way we could sit outside!

Mary, Steve, Mom

George, Mary, Don, Steve, and winemaker Dennis

Steve, Martha, Mom, Jennifer
 We then went to Paraiso Winery,
did some tasting,
and checked out the possibility to have
the wedding there.

George, Martha, Jennifer, Steve

I signed up for the flowers at church to surprise Mom,
which she was!
I got a lovely card from Adam, and a nice call from Austin.
Of course George's daughter Heather called too :-)

We continue our search for a paying or work-for-site job.
It's frustrating, because there are a lot of jobs to be had,
but not necessarily where we need to be.
Our plans are to be in Texas or nearby for summer,
to put us near Amarillo by end of September for doctor appointments.
After that we want to travel to the Vilano service center in Mississippi,
then head to Pennsylvania for a bit to visit family there.

Something will happen soon we hope!


  1. Good luck. I'm sure something will turn up.

  2. Good to see you've put the KOA debacle behind you and are out enjoying life. A little wine always helps. :cD

  3. How nice for all the mothers be with some of their children and vice versa. Hope something will turn up that is just where you need it to be. Keep your focus on what you want and it will.