Monday, May 22, 2017

A little help for our friends

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Saturday we took a ride up to Morgan Hill
to visit with Greg & Connie.

When we went to the Pleasanton RV show
and bought our new Vilano, they did as well :-)
They finally picked theirs up and brought it back
to their space at Coyote Valley RV Resort.
As we know there is a lot to do to get it ready
for habitation, and Greg wanted George to help
with some outside projects and installation.

I helped inside by lining all the cupboards and shelves
with the rubberized shelf liner.
Connie got things put away while we chatted.

Afterwards they took us to dinner to a great place,
Rock Bottom.
It was a nice night, so we sat outside.

We are really going to miss them when we leave :-(

On that note...

We got a job!
We will be working at Hidden Valley RV Park
near San Antonio, TX.

I happened to see on a workamping Facebook group
a post from the owner that they needed help,
so I emailed her right away.
She called us and told us the details, and we accepted!

We've been to San Antonio,
stopping there the first year out to California.
There is a lot to do in the area, it'll be a great place
to be for the summer!

George and I will be leaving here on the 30th,
stopping in Bakersfield to see family.
Eventually we'll get to Hidden Valley on June 4th
which is in Van Ormy, TX.

Very excited!!


  1. So glad to hear you found a new job. That RV park is lucky to get you, hope you have a great time there. :c)

  2. So glad to hear you got a new job. Well done keeping your eyes open! Hope you aren't too hot in Texas in the summer. Safe travels!!

  3. Have you visited Hill Country towns like Boerne, Fredericksburg, Gruene, Kerrville, Bandera, Johnson City, etc? Lots to see and do in and around SA. Glad you found a job.

  4. Congrats on the new job. Looking forward to hearing about your San Antonio adventures!

  5. A great place! The only downside for us was the traffic.

  6. Yes, a nice area to stay for a while. Lots to do and see. Always keep hydrated in that Texas sun. Congrats on the job!

  7. As Paul and Marti commented...we do feel privileged to have y'all coming to Hidden Valley RV. Looking forward to having you on our team and working and playing together.

  8. Congrats on the new job! What a great area! Can't wait to hear all about it?

  9. We looked at some Vilanos over by Jacksonville, pretty nice.