Saturday, April 29, 2017

Still kickin..

Salinas/Monterey KOA
Prunedale, CA

Yes, despite posting a blog in awhile,
we are still alive and kicking.

We've started working 4 10 hour days here at the KOA,
which leaves little time during work days to do anything else :-)

The inspection of the KOA went well, and they scored much
higher points than the previous year.
We've all been working hard to spruce up the place,
including lots of weeding on my part.
My back, knees, and legs are feeling it!
I have to say though, the benefits so far are a 10 pound weight loss!
I had blood work done recently and all my numbers are great :-)

George has gotten a lot of things done on the new home,
including putting our map back on the slide.

My new bird feeder is up, and it's attracting
all kinds of nice birds including this guy..

A few weeks ago I cracked a tooth,
which led to $3,000 worth of dental work.
Two crowns and a new filling...ugh.
Mom has chipped in half to help out..thanks Mom!

George's shoulder has been bothering him,
and has an appointment to get it checked out.
We're getting too old to do all this physical stuff!

Our days off have been great, relaxing,
dining with family and friends.

Life is great!


  1. Do you start over on your map or do you continue on from the old one? I thought we should start over but Lisa told me I was wrong to think like that. ;-)

    1. Oh no way we'd start over. The states went on again :)

  2. Few things more demanding than weeding I think. Don't let them talk George into any surgery without seeing a good chiropractor first.

  3. Ouch! In more ways than one. I can honestly say I feel your pain...teeth, knees, back, shoulder etc, etc, etc. ;c)

  4. 10 pounds gone! Good for you. When you get enough off start taking some off for me. Thanks in advance.